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  • We are a manufacturer of original, high-quality alternative printing supplies.
  • We offer alternative supplies that are the same quality as the originals, but at a fraction of the cost.
  • We pride ourselves in the quality of production that meets strict ISO standards.
  • Do you also print affordably in great quality with PRINT IT?

Toner and cartridge PRINT ITInkjet and laser printers are now standard equipment of every office and household. In order to use their advanced functions it is necessary to use high-quality print supplies. Those are not cheap, but essential for the actual print. We won’t be satisfied just with having those and being able to use the printer. We want high-quality printing for a reasonable price. We want PRINT IT!

Up until now, the only real reason for the customer to use the alternative toners was the lower price with some compromise. However, PRINT IT brings affordable quality for individuals and bigger companies to the market and therefore changes the public opinion on what can be expected from alternative toners and ink.

Certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 a STMC

The thing the ever-growing mass of satisfied customers appreciates the most is the high-quality, which is achieved by technologically developed production. Print supplies PRINT IT meet the ISO 9001 AND ISO 14001 production standards.

We are proud of our products, we truly trust in them and that is why we offer a guarantee and accept liability of all valid warranties including the warranty and post warranty service of print devices.

Why choose alternative fillings PRINT IT?

During the manufacturing process, we focus mainly of the quality of components and we use premium toner dust and ink. We believe you don’t need to pay for the brand, just for the quality, which doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. First-class components we use provide high-quality and flawless print. The brand PRINT IT is becoming the synonym of a new trend – quality supplies for affordable prices. With the choice of PRINT IT, you will lower your print expenses without compromising. Forget about the prejudice, don’t pay the for the brand, we can do it as well as they do.